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Silviu Popa wins Romania’s DIAGEO RESERVE WORLD CLASS™ Bartender of the Year 2017

With 7 years of experience behind the bar, Silviu Popa will transcend his mixology passion at the Global Final in Mexico City

Kevin Patnode, two times Diageo World Class Turkey winner, to judge the World Class Romania Final

Kevin Patnode will be joining the Romanian bartending elite in the Diageo World Class Romania competition, judging the Heat Of The Moment and Signature Challenges!

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Keeping up with the latest trends: Diageo World Class Romania presents the Heat Of The Moment and Signature trends

To support the Romanian bartending community, Diageo World Class Romania’s Brand Ambassador, Lucian Turcu, and the Diageo World Class Romania 2017 winner, Silviu Popa, have traveled the country in two occasions to spread the news about the trends, but also to share from their lengthy experience behind the bar, receiving loads of positive feedback from the country’s aspiring competitors.

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Kaitlyn Stewart wins DIAGEO RESERVE WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year 2017

World Class is the world’s biggest and most reputable cocktail competition and is the ultimate test of bartending skill. At every stage of the competition you can create cutting-edge cocktails, make great contacts and face amazing new challenges. A total of 55 bartenders were selected to go through to the final in Mexico City, in the summer of 2017, while the big prize was awarded to Canadian bartender Kaitlyn Stewart.

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Silviu Popa, the winner of Diageo Reserve World Class 2017, will represent Romania in the Mexico City final

Diageo Reserve World Class, the competition dedicated to bartenders passionate about mixology, has chosen its great winner in the Romanian finals, in an event that took place between June 7 and 8 2017 at Interbelic Cocktail Bar and Linea - Closer to the Moon, in Bucharest.

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Costin Gache, câştigătorul Diageo Reserve World Class 2016

În urma unei finale extrem de competitive, care a durat două zile, la Cluj, Costin Gache a fost desemnat reprezentantul României în cadrul finalei globale Diageo Reserve World Class 2016

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Diageo Reserve World Class starts its third journey to find the best bartender in Romania in 2016

The third edition of the DIAGEO RESERVE WORLD CLASS™competition was launched through 2 events in Bucharest and Cluj and challenges all Romanian bartenders to overcome their limits and be part of the most prestigious bartender competition in the world.

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Bucharest, October 13: Paul Sfîrlea, the winner of Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year Romania 2014 – 2015 came on 13th place at the Global Final competition held in Cape Town this September.

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Meet Tim Etherington-Judge, Bulleit’s Global Whiskey Guy and mixologist exrtraordinaire

If there is one thing you need to know about Tim Etherington-Judge, acclaimed mixologist and Global Whiskey Guy for the Bulleit Distilling Co. it’s that he considers bartending to be more than just a job, “but a lifestyle”.

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David Rios, World Class bartender of the year in 2013 in Romania

At the end of March 2015 the Romanian bartender community had a very important guest. David Rios, Diageo Reserve World Class bartender of the year in 2013 held 2 workshops in Bucharest and Cluj Napoca. 

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Vision, Passion, Focus, Devotion, Courage, Speed, Know-how and a bit of Magic. This is Diageo Reserve World Class Competition Romania 2014 -2015

The second edition of the international competition DIAGEO RESERVE WORLD CLASS in Romania got off to a new start with two launch events in Bucharest and Cluj at the end of October.

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Aida Ashor, a winning cocktail

Between the 27th of July and 2nd of August, Aida Ashor, Diageo Reserve World Class Romania winner 2014, will represent her country on the biggest stage a bartender can ever reach. Before walking on that stage we talked to her about her experience so far.

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The Mediterranean Mastery cocktail trend, the second and last round of the Diageo Reserve World Class Romania 2014

Romania’s finest bartenders invited to compete in the second round of the Diageo Reserve World Class.

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Special Guest Aristotelis Papadopoulos to Attend World Class Romania Official Launch

The Official Launch of the Diageo World Class Romania will feature the special visit of Aristotelis Papadopoulos, the first global winner of the World Class competition.

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