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Aida Ashor, a winning cocktail

Between the 27th of July and 2nd of August, Aida Ashor, Diageo Reserve World Class Romania winner 2014, will represent her country on the biggest stage a bartender can ever reach. Before walking on that stage we talked to her about her experience so far.





When did you discover you passion for bartending and cocktails?

I discovered bartending only two years and a half ago when I took a bartending course. I was a sales agent back then and I wanted to do this for myself. I soon fell in love with working behind the bar. My passion for cocktails was ignited while working at Flair Angel. After six months of learning the basics I started playing and mixing on my own.

How did you find out about Diageo Reserve World Class?

It was the guys from Exquisite who brought it to my attention and encouraged me to sign in.



What does World Class mean to you?

World Class was like an important exam for me, the first test to show me what level I have reached in the last two years.  In any case I had never expected to get so far.

Which of the two trends, Red Carpet and Mediterranean, did you like best?

Clearly the Mediterranean, as I link it to sunshine, the sea, happiness and freedom, things that are relevant to me and inspire me easily.

You were the only girl in the Final. How did that work for you?

It was good for me because I felt a little special, like a spot of color in the whole competition. And as it turned out it seemed to work in my favor .


How did it feel to go up against 14 men and win?

I didn’t see it as women against men. I saw it as a competition among professionals, some with more experience, others with less. I don’t think that their ego  was hurt by a girl winning.

At what moment in the competition did you actually think that you have chances to win it?

Not for a second did I imagine winning. It was a complete surprise. Actually after the Romanian cocktail I thought that I would leave the competition as I chose to also use only rudimentary tools like a wooden spoon and a “palinca” shot glass to enhance my story, while the others used their professional tools. I thought that I would lose points because of this.

Were you intimidated by any of the other competitors?

Yes, mostly at the beginning, as I knew them, I knew what they could do and what experience they have in competitions. I liked many of the cocktails made, some very nice and unique ideas. After the first round I thought Robi would win. He had a great set-up and managed to transmit a powerful vibe. After he left the competition I thought Horea to be the main candidate as he had great ideas and made everything look easy.

What are your thoughts regarding the one week boot camp in Bratislava?


It was a very interesting and intense one of a kind experience. It was meant to prepare us for the actual competition so we were stretched to the limits physically and mentally. It took us out of the comfort zone and thought us new things about us and about cocktails.

How did you get along with the other bartenders?

Everyone there was great and we made a great group. Even though we arrived there alone we came together sharing ideas, ingredients and experiences. I never saw them as future competitors. We were already winners.

What are the five words that would describe your experience at the boot camp?

Surprises, tension, craziness, chaos, inspiring

What are your plans for the future?

I want to go to the next level. I want to take the experience gained at World Class and use it to help develop my career as a professional bartender.

For what celebrity would you like to prepare a cocktail?

Jerry Thomas, the inventor of the Martini. It would be my tribute to someone who influenced so much the world of cocktails.