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David Rios, World Class bartender of the year in 2013 in Romania

At the end of March 2015 the Romanian bartender community had a very important guest. David Rios, Diageo Reserve World Class bartender of the year in 2013 held 2 workshops in Bucharest and Cluj Napoca. During these workshops David talked to the bartenders who attended about what it’s like to participate at World Class and what are the “ingredients” you need to win it. David’s presentation also gave the audience some great insights and important advices about the last trend of the competition “Time is relative”, a trend that focuses on the effects and benefits which time and barrel aging has on spirits.

Giving himself as an example, David aimed to inspire and motivate the Romanian bartender community by explaining that even though having a long experience in the domain is important, this is not a guarantee for winning.


“Two years before winning World Class I was serving gin and tonic in a bar in Bilbao. If you had come to me then and told me – Hey David, someday you are going to be the world’s best bartender – I would have had a good laugh. Now I am telling you that if you put your mind to it, believe in yourself, are always open to learn and work hard, you will make it.


David also talked about his experience in the 2013 final, a non-stop competition that stretches you to your limits. 

“You don’t win such a competition only by making a good 

cocktail. Everything that you do must unite in complete harmony, from the equipment you se and your technique to the stories you tell and the way you smile to the judges. Your p

ersonality and the attention to each and every single detail are what makes the difference in the end.” 

The interest shown for the seminars was huge, with around 120 bartenders participating. This is a great sign, showing that Romania’s bartenders’ community is growing and seeking to raise the standards in the bars they work. After a short tour in some local bars David said he was genuinely impressed by the great work done by Romanian bartenders. Keeping to his own advice to always be open to learn, David Rios left with a couple of notes in the book he always carries with him.